Custom Stone Coaster Set (6)

Custom Stone Coaster Set (6)


Made to order coaster sets can be done with a specific design or personal photographs for $70 per set. Select the quantity of your custom coaster sets above and proceed through the checkout process.

  1. *Ombre coasters can include up to any three colors of your choice.

  2. *Personal photography coasters must not have any explicit content, and a high quality digital image must be sent to me via email.

  3. Custom coasters can take up to 3 days to create before shipment is made.


  • Do to the nature of natural stone, there will be variations in the texture, coloring, markings and no two coasters will be alike. I do my best to make every coaster look beautiful and professional!

  • Each stone coaster is uniquely different, as no two stone coasters are ever painted the exact same. There is a thin cork layer on the bottom to protect the surfaces that the coaster is placed on. The coaster is protected using a non-toxic epoxy resin that protects from moisture and preserves the art for many years!

*If ombre color combinations you select don't blend well, I will email a picture for your approval before preparing shipment.

*I use Office Depot to print your photographs to be used in the process of transferring your images to the coaster. Higher quality images will look better on coasters, and I do crop the images to fit each square stone tile. 

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